Month: January 2016

A day with SDS

A day in the life with SDS Principal Aaron Fuller is never quite the same!

“Sometimes I’m meeting with leaders and data architects to brainstorm information issues. Sometimes I’m troubleshooting a critical problem a business needs to come to terms with. Other times I’m working side by side with clients to develop new database solutions. It really runs the gamut from strategy planning to advanced tactical management to actually getting in and building projects for clients. I really enjoy and value the variety.”

Questions from the Classroom: Getting engaged in data management

As a teacher, SDS Principal Consultant Aaron Fuller gets asked all kinds of things in class. We’re looking forward to exploring the top questions as a series in the SDS blog.

How do you get business people engaged in managing data?

Recognition of information and data management as a business asset is a critical success factor.

It’s important that business people know data management is not an IT asset – IT folks are instead the custodians of that information. It is the businessperson who owns that data.

Just what is it we do at SDS?

We’ve been asked various times what exactly it is that we do at SDS.

It’s simple, really. We support business decision makers with great information and help them treat that information like any other critical asset.

In business, there are financial assets, physical assets and human assets – then there are information assets. At SDS, we help businesses treat their information assets with the same care as they do their other assets, focusing on getting the most out of that information.